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The Foreign Exchange Market also known as Forex or Fx or Currency market is the Largest and the most active Market in the World with a daily turn over of over 4 Trillion US Dollars.

Who We are

Promoted by India's most experienced Online Forex Trader Kiran Kumar, Forexveda India Ltd. is India's first Public Limited Company in the field of Online Forex Trading.

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Reverse Trading Concept

Now anybody can make money using revolutionary Reverse Trading Concept. After all you don't have to be an expert in currency trading to lose money, right? Earn $ 100 for every $ lost !

Fund management

Fund Management

Profits in forex trading does not depend on luck, but purely based on trader's skills. All our accounts are traded by our highly experienced CEO using mirror software.

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Trading Robot

Forex Trade Robots or Expert Advisors make trading easy. No Robot can make money consistently in fully automatic mode. You can control our Robots manually and trade with their help.

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Not Just Training. Life time mentor

Forex Training is not our interest. Still our CEO wishes to share his 18 years of Forex Trading expereince with beginners. Our training is one to one using skype with flexible timings.

Forex Delhi

Psychology of Online Trading & Emotional Management

Online Trading is mainly about strategies, money management, d risk management and emotional management.

“I am deeply impressed with your excellent service and I wonder how you could be so accurate in predicting the market; I started end April with $ 4,000 and today 08 June I have $ 10119 Thank you very much and keep up the great work! ”
- Tomasz Gos Warsaw (Poland) -
“Your service is very good. You are an angel for forex traders.”
- Amit Miglani - Haryana, India -
“Your Advice is excellent. Apparently you have a good dominance and knowledge of the currency markets.”
- Dr. Jerome A Sherard - Tennessee, USA -
“Wyjatkowo skuteczny i rozsadny doradca w grze walutowej; nieprawdopodobnie trafne rekomendacje - polecam goraco!”
- Tomasz Gos Warsaw (Poland)
“Your course is comprehensive and very well structured. Covering the theory part, you gave a feel of an economist having complete knowledge about the subject. I see your course as a complete 'Forex kit' for the person who wants to become a successful trader.”
Rajnish Khattar - Chandigarh
(CA, DISA-Information System Auditor)
“My name is Justin Jordan (facebook me - I'm real!). I have been trading forex for 3 years now and after 2 years of losing money and blowing accounts I finally started to see some success when I started trading forexveda's FREE forex trading signals. I made again of 1000% gains just in few months!”
- Justin Jordan - Canada
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Rich Richer Richest With Online Currency Trading
By Kiran Kumar

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