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Forex Trade Robots for Automated Trading

Reverse Trading System

This is a manual trading system where you trade in a demo account to lose money. When you blow up $500, you will make $400 to $40,000 depending on the ratio you use.

Cost of this Robot is $ 200 with 1 month support

Safe Martingale - Manual

This is a manual trading system using the EA. We have disabled the automatic mode because when market moves 500 to 1000 pips without a correction, this EA can cause huge losses in fully automatic mode. Beginners or experts both can use this EA along with other manual trades. You just have to spend 5 minutes a day to change EA settings. You can earn 1.2% to 5% a day if stop loss is not triggered. You can keep the stop loss level at 3.5% to 18% Higher the stop loss, lower the chances of getting stopped out. Many traders have doubled the account in 3 months by using this strategy. If you want to understand how it works, watch the Youtube video

Cost of this Robot is $ 200 with one month support

Safe Martingale - Fully Automated

This is a fully automated system which can give $3500 to $6,000 a month profits in a $20,000 account. It works like this. When a currency reaches over bought level, it starts selling. When a currency reaches over sold levels, it starts buying. If the Robot is attached to 20 currency pairs, each pair gives a profits of around $25 dollars per day. That is $ 11,000 profits per month. Stop loss touches when the currency pair moves around 300 pips in a single direction without a stop loss. Loss will be $1250. For example if GBP/USD falls from 1.3900 to 1.3800, EA will start buying. If the pair goes for a free fall to 1.3600, stop loss will trigger and the loss will be $1250 {0.01x200pips+0.02x175 pips+0.04x150pips...1.28x25 pips} If anytime GBP reverses 30 pips before reaching 1.3600 all positions will be closed with a net profit. This EA gives $500 a day profits that is $11,000. If stop loss touches 4 times a month total loss will be $5000 and if stop loss touches 6 times a month total loss will be $7500. Net profits will be $6,000 if stop loss touches 6 times or $ 3500 if stop loss reaches 4 times in a month. This EA combined with Akshayapatra can give additional $3000 profits per month.

Cost of this Robot is $ 1000 with one year support

Akshaya Patra

This is the ultimate system that took us almost 10 years to fine tune. This EA gives 1 to 20 days of loss followed by $800 profits in a $1500 account. Chances of losing the capital is almost nil. In a worst case the account will make 5% profits in a month. The EA is not for sale. Demo is available in a live account of $1500 with capital protection. Trial duration is 1 to 20 days till one cycle is completed. We can link our live account to yours and copy trades. We charge 5% of the account size per month as our fee. You need not pay if you don't make minimum 10% profits in a month. You just have to be ready to see your account going down every day for 1 to 20 days maximum. Per day loss is around $20 to $30.

Strategy : The EA works on reverse trading strategy. $ 300 demo account is traded with most dangerous strategies and the trades are reversed in live account with 10 times the volume (depends on account size). If you run Martingale EA alone in a $300 account, the account will get wiped out in 1 day to 20 days. We combine 3 strategies to lose money. 1) trade against trend 2) take quick profits and hold on to loss making positions 3) martingale strategy which keeps doubling the quantity when market moves against. Martingale system has the worst risk to reward ratio. So, the live account will be traded with the best risk to reward ratio.