Learn Online Currency Trading From India's Most Experienced Forex Trader

No videos or ebooks. Learn directly from the expert.
Most of the trainers focus only on Technical Analysis while we focus more on money management, risk management, emotional management and strategies
You get a free Signal Robot and utility software for day trading.
Unlike other forex traders who try to make 100% profits a month and lose all their capital, our students will learn how to double their money twice a year by trading with just 1:10 leverage.

Course Details

Day 1 Fundamentals of forex trading market. Origin, growth, effect of exchange rate on economy, factors influencing the exchange rate

Day 2 Introduction to options & futures. Understandng forex terms.

Day 3 Understanding MT4 platform. Using MT4 for demo trading. Types of orders

Day 5 to 29 Demo Trading

Day 8 to 10 Technical Analysis

Day 11 Fundamental Analysis, trading during data and news

Day 12 Money management, Risk management & Emotional Management. Why do people lose money in online trading?

Day 13 Fundamental Analysis, trading during data and Strategies

Day 30 Demo Account Analysis

Course Timings : Flexible. On Skype. Preferably 9 AM to 10 AM or 8 30 PM to 9 30 PM Indian Standard Time
Fee : Rs. 50,000 or US$ 1,000
One to one training for one month in any tourist friendly country is possible. CEO of Forexveda will personally train you at your doorsteps. He loves travelling. Fee would be US$ 5,000