Fund Management

How to Chose a Fund Manager?

Most of the investors lac common sense while chosing a fund manager. Many people expect presense of local office and the office to look posh. Companies with posh offices get funds easily. Funds are normally handled by Individuals, not the companies. Performance of your account solely depends on the knowledge and expereince of the Fund Manager. A good fund manager may not work for any forex company. He/she will surely work independently. Chose a Fund Manager who is highly experienced. All our managed accounts are traded by our CEO who has 21 years of experience in the forex trading.

How hard is it to double the capital?

Though forex trading appears very easy initially, most of the investors end up losing the entire capital over a period of time. Some may lose all the money in few days and some may survive for a year or two. We have seen all the Forex Tsunamis in last 21 years and survived in this tough market. Normally forex brokers offer 50 currency pairs. Each pair moves 100 points a day on an average. That is a total of 5000 points a day. To double your capital in a month, all you need to do is earn 10 pips per day. Many traders succeed in earning 100% profits in a day or a month. What is lacking is consistency. We are trying our best to maintain that consistency. To be honest, we have not succeeded in that yet.

Assured monthly returns

It is sad that most of the investors do not understand the difference between money lending and investments. If a fund management company is offering you 5% per month assured fixed returns, they are actually borrowing money from you at 5%, right? No established successful fund manager will borrow money for trading.

Want to see our trade history??

Almost every trader will have one success story at least where he/she might have made 100% profits in day or in a month. They show that statement and get clients for fund management. We too have earned 100% in a day and in a month many times. We never show client statements to anyone to get the business. Reason is if we show our best accounts which made 100% profits in a day, clients will expect similar results in their account too. Every fund manager will have some accounts where he/she made loss. As an investor will you be interested in looking at such an account statement? We offer one month trial to one investor a month. You can invest just $100 and see our trading performance for a month. We do not assure any profits or guarantee of your capital. After one month, you must top up the account to minimum $1000 even if the account earns minimum 5% profits in the trial period.

Fund Management charges

We do not charge a fee till you withdraw your capital. After you withdraw the capital, we charge a fee of 25% of every withdrawal you make. Our fee will be 50% once the withdrawal reaches 200%.